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We are healthcare holding AKESO, a leading healthcare provider in the Czech Republic. Our motto "Patient Health. Humanity. Willingness." unites the values we hold in our facilities. Together, we are taking healthcare to the next level.

Preoperative examination
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Everything under one roof

Our team of experts provides excellent medical care using the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.

For more simple procedures, we prefer modern and minimally invasive procedures, which are so gentle that they usually do not require overnight hospitalization, and after a short bed rest, our patients go home for treatment.

We place great emphasis on personal approach and also focus on initiating early rehabilitation after surgeries.


Our medical facilities

Consultations to solve a health problem are provided by the AKESO POLYCLINIC.

All operative interventions are then performed at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun or the Hospital Hořovice.



At the AKESO POLYCLINIC in Prague's Nové Butovice we specialise in consultations, examinations and precise indications for surgical procedures in a wide range of diagnoses.

Thanks to our comprehensive services in one place, our AKESO POLYCLINIC not only offers patients a complete examination in short appointment times, but also arranges a preoperative examination, which is immediately followed by a surgery date.

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Complete preoperative examination

Patient safety is our top priority! To minimize any risks associated with surgery, your doctor needs to be familiar with your medical condition. To this end, a preoperative examination is necessary.

To provide you with maximum comfort and save time, we will provide you with a complete preoperative examination within our facilities.

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Benefits of our one-day care

Modern and minimally invasive procedures
Fast return to normal life
Maximum safety thanks to the connection to A&R and ICU
Complete preoperative examination provided by the AKESO POLYCLINIC
Five peak equipped operating theatres
Sophisticated elimination of hospital-acquired infections
Highly erudite experts with many years of experience
The most modern medical materials from leading European and American manufacturers
Very professional and personal approach
Comfortable environment of our facilities
Comprehensive approach and solution to a health problem from A-Z
Greater psychological well-being of the patient
Recovery in the home environment
Surgery in  order terms
Operace v Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun and Hospital Hořovice
Consultation at the AKECO POLICLINIC

Take a look at our facilities

Why choose us for your care?


Examination by a doctor, performing all necessary and preoperative examinations, setting a date for surgery and subsequent rehabilitation care - all this done within a few days? No problem for us.


We strive to create a comfortable environment for patients without fear of the procedure. We keep them informed about the whole process and the procedure. We place great emphasis on a personal approach.


Mini-invasive procedures are very gentle to the operated area. This is associated with less pain, shorter healing time, lower risk of complications and faster return to normal life.


One of the main advantages is the speed and safety of the surgeries, which are so gentle that minor procedures do not require overnight hospitalization and after a short bed rest our patients go home for treatment.


Patients who have undergone a more complex procedure are subsequently transferred for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation centre of MUDr. Jan Calta in Beroun is very modern, well-equipped and one of the best workplaces of this type in the Czech Republic.


In our health care facilities, doctors do not have set limits on consumables. Patients can therefore be sure that the surgeon will provide them with the best without any limitations.

Our team

as. MUDr. Zdeněk Kopečný head physician of the Arthroscopy Center
MUDr. Petr Zeithaml Chief of Day Surgery
MUDr. Leoš Teslík, IFEPAG chief medical officer of the Gynecology department
MUDr. Július Örhalmi, Ph.D., FASCRS, MBA head physician of the Coloproctology surgery
MUDr. Petr Běhounek chief medical officer of the Urology department
MUDr. Miroslav Krejča plastic surgeon

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Patient health.